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Always know the location of your child via our Kids GPS.

Easily monitor your childs location on your phone (via our free mobile app) or computer, with Childtrack247.com GPS tracker for kids. 

Accurate up to several feet, you can now see your child's location in real time!

Our Kids GPS tracker does it all.  

You can set the device  to track in All 50 states, Canada, and almost anywhere worldwide!  

Geo F​encing

Easily create customizable areas or "zones".  Be notified by text, email, or both when your child enters or exits these areas. 

"My child has autism and loves to wander.  This device really gives me peace of mind, knowing I can track him at the touch of a button."  Sal Tounds, KY

"My wife has dementia, but still likes to go out for walks.  I used to worry so much that she would lose her way, and not make it home. With this GPS tracker I can watch her while shes on her walk."  Jeff Gibbons, FL

"My son goes to my ex husbands on the weekends, and I worry if he actually is where my ex husband says he is.  With this tracker I can see exactly where he is, and have  historical proof of where he has been.  So relieving!" Julie Simmons, Cincinnati


& free apps

real time tracking 

Track in real time.  Simply hit the Locate Now button, at any time, and see your devices  location. Track from your computer or smartphone, via our free apps!

Long battery life

Device lasts approx. 3-5 Days on a single charge.  Also, you can receive alert texts when your battery level is low and in need of recharge. 

We never force you into a contract.  Pay as you go, and even better, pay ONLY for the months you need it.  Simple and best pricing!

Track Locally or Globally

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